Business Mentorship, Education & Accountability to Empower Healers

Monthly Mentor Workshops
Bi-Weekly Check-ins
Accountability Partners + Homework
Guidance from Experts in Marketing, Business, & Leadership
Deep Integration with Your Spirit Team


Growing Intuition-Based Business Leadership Skills in the Psychic and Healing Arts

~~ Grounding ~~ Learning ~~ Accountability ~~

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Monthly Membership Includes:

4-Hour Training and Guidance Workshop every 4th Friday of the month.

  1. Focused, channeled and themed messages from Suzanne and your guides to help you focus, know your business as a beautiful spiritual energy, and connect deeply to work daily with your Business Guides.
  2. Tactical business training from experts to help you stabilize, plan, lay solid foundations, and grow steadily.
  3. Networking & sharing opportunities, challenges, discernment, and understanding with other powerful healers and business leaders.

Partners + Homework to keep you accountable.

Bi-Weekly 2-Hour Check-in calls also on Fridays (TBD)




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 Learn to receive profound direct guidance & inspiration from your A-Team (Expert Business Angels) who are just waiting to help you expand along with your business, and truly desire for you to succeed.

 Receive training in from Lisa Haas and many others over the year to help you advance through practical business tactics for growth. Topics will include foundation-building, finance, marketing, hiring, social media, funnel the context of your overall strategy and soul purpose.

✔ Plan. Execute. Review. Improve. Repeat. Accountability to hold you to your highest game plans. We want you to succeed. We want you to realize your dreams. We want to see you soar. We want to help you be the most amazing business leader you came here to be.

4-Hour Workshop Monthly: 

4th Fridays, 10am-2pm Mountain Time.

Calls may be recorded and shared. 


Focused organizations that stay true to their own values and mission co-create great change.
Be one of those.

Investment: $500/month

Temple Doors Open August 25, 2023

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A community of spirit-guided business leaders ready to co-create the ride of their lives.

Learn more about the origins of this motto here: Link

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Meet Lisa Haas

Marketing Strategist, Leadership and Business Coach, Professor and Teacher

Elisabeth Haas (Lisa) is a professional trainer, teacher, coach and marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs and other professional improve their knowledge base and skill sets to further their careers. She has a rare knowledge set that includes entrepreneurship, technology and instruction. She has over 20 years of experience guiding and executing various business functions for organizations from $100,000 to $10 million in revenue. Her passion is to empower others to achieve goals and objectives desired in life and work through education and knowledge application.

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Tools + Divine Guidance To Build A Successful, resourced, high-impact healing business

I am honored to bring professional intuitives, healers, therapists, and psychics together to learn, capitalize on expert business guidance, remain accountable, and....expanc.

Choose to be part of a new wave of hhealers who have excellent and legitimate reputations, learning to capitalize on business best practices and become abundant in all ways.

This is a group or star-crossed dynamic & brilliant healer leader business women & men. We serve a force of Divine Love so grand it could make you cry...over and over and over again. 

Come. Connect with and really clearly learn from your guides + our collective ascended masters. You all have a business team, assigned to each of you through your own soul's connections, & we'll be mentoring you in fully exploding your soul-created mission right here on earth. Now.

Open your mind, heart, Akashic Records, so your soul light can quickly amp up & ramp up
the keen business guidance that's about to begin coming your way.

We're bringing totally practical and tactical guidance. And, you're going to truly deepen how you receive messages and convene with your team of guides.

We all really really want you to succeed.

And we have a motto. It's from a time-honored tradition created in the wild wild (short for innovative!) West. It says this: Our Brand is Divine Love. We Ride for the Brand. This motto underpins all of our work. We all serve the light. And in doing so...we serve ourselves, our clients, our families, our hearts in truly profound ways.

Learn more about the time-honored concept "We ride for the brand" here: Link.

I love you!
I see great things for you!
I know you do too and that your ideas just need to keep being birthed, over and over and over again!



The Alexandria Institute Healers Council:

The Alexandria Institute Healers Council provides business leaders in healing arts with grounding, learning & accountability to create, own and operate powerful, transformative, world-class organizations that are based in divine love, intuition, and trustful inner knowing to serve their populations and achieve their own sacred missions.

We are better together.