New Year's Special Edition Podcast: How to Navigate Your New Path Like a Maverick

divine feminine maverick lifestyle mavnavyourlife womeninbusiness Dec 28, 2021

Join Suzanne Alexandria & Tamara Jorden for a special New Year's Edition episode of The Dr. Pat Show where they bring in conscious-shifting thoughts about how to be the driver of your own reality in your life.

Lots of us aren't really sure how to take charge of certain situations, and because of that, we stay stuck. It's a basic human condition.

But when you own the #Truth that you're the author of your own reality, and the driver of your own really do empower yourself. You're not at the whim of any fly-by-night fears or lack thinking, or other people's beliefs.

Dive into the realm of unlimited possibility with us as we host a live show on Facebook Wednesday, 12/29 at 12 Noon Mountain / 2pm Eastern,

Live on Facebook @TransformationTalkRadio 

Call or FB message in live questions for readings about how to break free of your own limiting beliefs and be your own Maverick.

Join us in taking 2022 by the horns. Seriously. Your most amazing life depends on it.


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