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Join & Receive Deep Healing & Guidance  via Zoom Weekly


 Channeled transmissions from Ascended Masters Mary Magdaleine, Isis, Mother Mary, Yeshua, Hathor, Kuan Yin, Archangels, & your Teams.


 Energy grounding, clearing, healing to assist with clearing of old trauma & belief system programming. 


This circle is for individuals ready to release the fears that hold them back, face & say goodbye to the past, and do the work to let go. It is particularly focused for those who carry the burden of childhood or adult sexual trauma, violence, depression, anxiety, and manipulation. This is the healing way of the Love Warrior. It is healing through Divine Love, Angelic Messages, Source Healing Light, and Reiki energy.

I know of no better way to heal, release, let go, and become our new selves than with the loving hand of Spirit who loves you unconditionally, guiding you every step of the way.


Calls held 9am Mountain / 11am Eastern Thursday mornings.

All calls recorded and shared to all subscribers.



Focus topics include: 

 How do you proactively choose to change?

 How do you get out of anger or rage states, or depression, or anxiety?

 What triggers your underlying fears?

 How do you release and shift this energy?

 How do you see yourself with eyes of love and compassion?

 How do you feel safe, and willing, and ready to live differently?


And more. 


Bring questions. Receive divinely guided answers and support.



Monthly Subscription: $49


Zoom calls held Thursdays 9am MT / 11am ET

All subscribers receive the recorded healings 

weekly email in your in-box for use any time during the week.


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This Work Is About Liberation from Trauma.


It's about commitment.

It's about facing the truth & letting

yourself be coached and guided.

It's about letting go.

It takes energy, power, courage, & moxy. But then, Spirit meets you in action, and in your willingness to dare to be vulnerable and allow Love to heal you.

Love is our greatest asset, and our greatest healer on this planet. 

Are you ready?

I would love to discuss your healing journey and what you need to see if we're a good fit.


Additional Service:

Customized One-on-One Healing Sessions


Step into the blessing of one-on-one sessions with Suzanne Alexandria & your team of angelic guides who all love you so very very deeply and want you to be free.

This work will help you understand your trauma, reframe its effects on your life, body, habits, & relationships, & finally release energies that weigh you down.

I have walked this path myself, and I understand what it requires.

I am not a therapist or medical professional, nor do I make any such claim. 

I always advise pairing this work with trained therapists, medical professionals, massage therapists trained in trauma healing, and others. We don't heal alone! And we don't need to.

**This package is an additional service to the monthly subscription.**



Soul Freedom Podcast

Listen to part of my story about trauma healing from my Soul Activation Podcast: Saved by Love

"Freedom is the call of the Light."

- Suzanne Alexandria

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