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One-Day Individual Water Healing Retreat with Suzanne Alexandria

Dive into the rich, subconscious waters of YOU--the you that is eternal, the you that is here to teach, to heal, to grow, to show, to shine.

Spend a glorious day in the pristine waters of a beautiful Colorado water sanctuary--a place where water flows and purifies below the Earth, and rises to nourish the body, mind, and soul.

Begin in sacred ritual, setting the day with your team of Angelic guides, and close the day in a ceremony of unity, of one-ness, as you.

During the day we will explore your soul in other lifetimes where you have served in the same capacities you are wanting to bring forward now. We will anchor in new Angelic Star Codes, skills, life purpose understanding, and so much more.

We will explore where you have been as a metaphor for the abundantly rich, luxurious life you want to live presently, right here, right now.

We will enjoy nourishing foods, connect you with your highest angelic team so you may know some of them by name, and annoint your journey forward.

For what I do know is this, dear angel: You came here to shine. To be. To expand. To create. And your understanding of this may have only, just barely, begun.

Sign up now, or arrange a free call to discuss your priorities and timing, especially if travel is involved. 

These retreats are generally held on Thursdays and Fridays.

The abundant waters are near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hotel accommodation available at additional cost. Group offerings available.

This one-day retreat includes an introductory Zoom call to discuss your priorities and our logistics, and a follow-on 75-minute one-on-one session at a time of your choosing.

Sacred. Holy. Divine. Love. Waters. Light. Soul Codes. All of this, and so much more, await your heart's calling.

I'm Suzanne Alexandria. I'm an intuitive, life coach, energy healer, & guide. And I love to share Reiki.

I stand by this offer. If you don't shift your energy and your home after taking the steps laid out in this program, I'll refund your payment. 

I've taught Reiki to hundreds of people from corporate professionals to nurses, parents, & kids, and I know this to be true: when you work it...it works. When you ask...you receive.

I teach fundamentals of Reiki through the Usui tradition, and inspired by my sacred connection with the Divine.

Join a #ReikiRevolution.

Light your eternal spark...& brighten your home at the same time.

 "There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter." - Mother Theresa 

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What People Are Saying:

This program was inspiring and restorative. Suzanne shared tools for lifelong serenity. She opened doors to endless possibilities!

J. Z.

Reiki with Suzanne is.....Pure magic. Need I say more?

Molly M.

It is surprising how much clearing the energy in my home makes it more peaceful. I actually feel more clear and relaxed. I cannot explain it. Suzanne knows what she's doing. I can only say there is an appreciable upgrade, and I am so grateful!

Tara M.

Suzanne's guidance and classes have given me the tools to step into my true, empowered purposeful self. She teaches with compassion and integrity. I am gratefully transformed.

Angie Minnig, CEO of Vibration Up Reiki and Wellness Center