Tamara Jorden



Tami Jorden is a modern mystic with an incredibly unique perspective on the opportunities of BEing spiritual in our times. She brings fresh perspectives that are a breath of sea salt air for the soul. And she is not afraid to tell it like it is. Her channel is pure white, crystalline Divine Love. 

Tamara offers Starbright Vision Tarot Readings to help you understand, and transcend. She delivers targeted messages from your Spirit team and hers that pack a punch; they unfold over time, making them the most sensible investment in every way.

Readings can help you through difficult choices, understanding your true inherent nature, clarifying your next best paths of potential in work or life, and more.

Readings delivered via email to print, and also through video so that you can really use the full expression of Light that she transmits.

And, Tami offers the addition of live, in-person discussion and clarification. Check out both options and choose what's best.

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My Focus


Helping individuals rise to their true callings through transforming beliefs, releasing outdated ways & patterns, and falling in love with themselves and their lives again. I bring in powerful energy, Akashic Records clearings, angelic guides, & your own soul blueprints to help you be fully activated...fully alive.


Most of my clients have no idea what's possible with Spirit, angels, and their own intuition channel. But yes, you ARE that capable. So let's talk.

My Promise


As an energy healer and spiritual guide, I provide an array of support, guidance, & transformative shifting. 

I speak in practical language you understand.

My  goal is to empower you in your strengths to  heal from pain & blocks, & expand in ways you couldn't even dream possible. How about a life beyond your wildest dreams?

My Focus


Helping people touch and be touched by the Light of the Divine is one of my greatest joys. 

I know deep, transformational Love that comes from a great and mysterious place, and it is my honor to offer readings to help you move through difficult, challenging, or even exciting and transformative times.


The truth sets us free. When we dare to let light shine on our problems--that is courage. That is daring. That is when grace sweeps in and gives us what we need in the most mysterious ways.
I read the cards for you. You make the choices in your life that change your trajectory.

My Promise


As an angelically led guide, I promise authenticity and truth. I'll help you see the facts behind the fiction.

Starbright Readings make profound, deep, loving gifts for your tribe, too. Gift a reading to a beloved going through a hard time, or needing significant leadership & reframing of perspective.

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