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I understand that this is a self-study class and that I am responsible for completing the coursework in order to receive the complete value of this gift. 

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Reiki Teacher Training

Master an Entirely New Skill: The Sacred Art of Teaching Reiki

This is a comprehensive programme for individuals already trained in Reiki Levels I and II. Complete with custom guidance, attunements, + customizable materials and essentials to begin teaching Reiki in its traditional form, or as a new aspect of something you are already teaching.

Serious guidance for healers, therapists, teachers, and seekers who want to elevate their own life experiences, learn from infinite healing potentials, and teach others the same.

Change your energy, Change your life. And then the world changes with you....for the better!

You'll be teaching by the time you finish this course.

You'll Receive:

  • Confidence and understanding of who you are as a teacher of light.
    • (Learning to teach Reiki was just the start of a truly enlightening path for me into teaching many spiritual mysteries and skills to other healer lightworkers.)
  • All the classes, attunements, and materials that you can customize into your own brand, flavor, and set-up for teaching Reiki.
    • My students teach kiddos, nurses, other healers, parents...you'll identify your own niche, or add this to what you already in high service teaching.
  • Additional Assistance Option: Conduct in-depth one-on-one readings with Suzanne to understand who you are as a teacher (especially in the framework of your Akashic Records and other lifetimes.) This can help you:
    • Integrate your teaching expertise so you're launched and comfortable bringing your own assets, special focus, and courage to your new ways of integrating this teaching in a way that makes most sense for your amazing launch. 
      Sessions offered at slightly reduced rate: Receive $50 off the cost of one-hour sessions whilst training yourself, using the code: ReikiTeacher

This is a self-study course with complete access to videos and printable materials housed in the Alexandria Library on Kajabi.