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Attune to Your Goddess in the Akashic Records

As an energy-shifting intuitive and channel for leaders, one of my deepest honors is to assist my clients in connecting with their higher selves and their inner guidance and guides. To me this comprises a deep, sacred connection with Spirit, the Divine, your angels, and most importantly, your own soul.

That's why I train people to enter the field of their own Akashic Records. It is a powerful place to seek, learn, investigate, and retrieve very valuable insights.

This meditative experience has been created with the intention of connecting you energetically with your Akashic Records and learning how to see yourself energetically from a new perspective. It may be used more than once.

During the meditation, you will be attuned to one of your own personal frequencies valuable to you for your ascension process. This will be done as the majestic feminine goddess energies of Isis, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene hold you in a gorgeously open heart-felt plane. 

I hope you will find it most meaningful! 

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I believe we all have a spark of the original goddess in us. The feminine god essence. The divine.

And I also believe that you hold the key to the door of this entire experience. Are you ready to know yourself more deeply? 


Irene Kabot

I have used this attainment medication 2x already. Accessing and healing something I haven’t yet been able to do.
Thank you  
I will do the grounding one today.
I love you and your amazing work.
Your Sister in Light,