Suzanne Alexandria 


Mindset Coach & Intuitive Guide for life transitions & purpose. 


I help professional women & men reclaim their spark and inner power through life shifts like divorce, career upgrades, health issues & trauma healing.

I offer a path for radical self discovery and spiritual connection.


~Intuition. Energy. Empowering Shifts for Transformation & Personal Freedom.~

Let's get you un-stuck.

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Suzanne Alexandria Enterprises


Celestial Intuitive Support for Professionals 


Guiding today's leaders in corporate business, therapy, healthcare & wellness to be their best versions & step into brand new ways of spirituality.

~Intuition. Energy. Life Miracles.~

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Shift your energy, shift your life. 

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner or therapist, and make no claims as such. I encourage clients to surround themselves with ample support through life's journey, including trusted medical staff, professional massage and bodywork experts, holistic coaches, etc. It takes a team to prosper. Won't you join mine?

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Suzanne Alexandria is an Intuitive, Energy Healer, Teacher, & Life Transition Coach. She shows her clients to communicate with and understand their own intuition. 

Suzanne mentors, channels messages, identifies & clears old beliefs and energy, & helps you shift perspectives through a lens of personal inner freedom. For her, this means creating a solid, unshakeable inner connection with the Divine.

She helps you heal your past, make solid new choices, see your potential, respect yourself, & get really clear about how you want to show up in this world.

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"I use my gifts as an  intuitive, medium, & Reiki healer to help my clients KNOW their spiritual center. I love how they move into lives rich with inner peace, deep Spiritual connection, intimacy, & health. I guide leaders in business to reign with soul purpose, and the Divine. I believe the world changes one heart at a time, & that helping individuals find true inner freedom is our best path to leaving a legacy of love on this planet for our grandchildren."

-Suzanne Alexandria

Empowering leaders to balance, center & clarify their lives, families, and purpose -- through uplifting Spiritual connection, inner power & intuition.


Confident leaders make amazing choices.


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Special Freedom Offers:


6-Session Freedom Package.

75 Minutes each, Zoom/In Person.


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Individual Water Healing Retreat w/ Suzanne.

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Reiki Teacher Training.


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Join me for a specialized programme to reshape your lifestyle,  business, purpose, & goals, while clearing blocks & sometimes trauma.

I love to guide serious seekers to learn HOW to shift their energy, and live in true Mind/Body/Spirit Liberation. The Academy of Inner Freedom offers its newest Programme:

Unleash Your LionEssence

This is my signature 4-month deep dive for professionals who are ready for a brand new woman or man to step into the driver's seat of your life.

Ready to Roar?

Clear what has kept you running as a past version of you & making harmful choices. Create a path of freedom & a whole new lifestyle based on your deepest spiritual truths and connection with your guardian angels, who love you so very much and want every best thing for you. Learn how to communicate with them so you live your very best, most sacred life. Change routines that catapult you out of old habits, addictions, negative relationships, trauma, and more. 

~Live Freely. Be Bold. With Spirit at Your Side.~

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Heal Trauma & Prosper

Weekly live calls to receive messages, energy attunements, and personal guidance from Spirit to help you break free of your past. For survivors of rape, incest, and other childhood or severe trauma.


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Alexandria Meditation Series

Access to the Alexandria library of channeled meditations brought forth with thought-provoking, energy-clearing messages and ritual. Call forth the vibration of Source, oneness, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Sacred Mother, Gaia, and more through the various offerings.

~Bring sacred light into your body, your home, your life.~

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Popular courses for serious seekers ranging from quick energy true Mind/Body/Spirit Liberation through the Academy for Inner Freedom Leadership Programme.