February 23-26, 2023.
1 Weekend of Spiritually Guided Activations and community.


Journey in the Mother's Love with us in sacred retreat:

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Meet Your Guardian Angel.

Receive my free guided angelic meditation + attunement for your heart, body, and soul. It will help you open to a Love so grand it just might knock your socks off -- if you dare.

Open. Sit quietly. Earbuds in. No interruptions. Surrender. Receive. Now.

Connection. From the realm of the Angels. All here for you, beloved.


Open My Free Gift to You...Right Here, Right Now.

Your Guardian Angel wants to meet you. Are you willing to surrender to so much Love?

No Spam. Only Love.

Listen to this Epic Equinox Heart Healing from last night!

Together on Beyond The Ordinary -- John Burgos and I reveled in this beautiful white light Seraphim Angel energy of pure Love consciousness and I offered a sacred heart healing transmission. 

Come to the altar. Receive a holy blessing and a new frame of reference for your own heart AND a special offer:

Listen to the Replay

If you want to understand your spiritual Self, psychic gifts & healer skills to be the best intuitive leader you can be, you're in the right place.

Professionals of many walks of life find me when they know there's something more they're 'supposed' to be doing...but aren't sure what that is.

You're in the right place if you're asking questions like this:

❧ Who am I? What were my past lives? Who is my Soul Family?

❧ What's my next best career move? 

❧ What motivates me?

❧ What's my passion?

❧ How do I stay calm and manage my own energy & energy in my office/home?

❧ How do I use energy work in my therapy practice?

❧ What am I really supposed to be doing?

❧ Who are my angels and how do I communicate with them?

❧ How do I become an energy healer?

Dig into these big soul alchemy questions so you can be the best leader, manager, owner, parent, lover, partner, friend you can be.

I teach intuition skills like how to understand your own energy, release blocks, & read tarot for life's choices. I also activate and teach you to work differently with clients, communicate with your angels, & more. These are innate skills all healer souls have...but  don't always know how to use them or how powerful they are.

My course helps you transcend your own fears, activate your superpowers, heal from the past & move into the rich realm of channeling and talking to your angels.

You don't have own a healing practice to be this kind of spiritually connected intuitive woman. My clientele powerfully rocks their corporate leadership, nursing, teacher, family roles & just life in general. This work is about living an intuitively rich AND free life, connecting deeply with the Divine, and experiencing the joy sacred, holy Love. Watching women blossom & understand themselves through my courses and one-on-one sessions is my greatest joy.


Healer's Healer, Angelic Intuitive,  Spiritual Coach for Powerful Professionals

Helping women & men activate & understand unique intuitive  abilities for business & life. Training healers, intuitives, nurses, therapists, coaches, authors, & business leaders around the world in clairvoyant skills, channeling, communicating with their Spirit teams, and collaborative manifestation.

Empowering clients to heal from brokenness and work with their spirit teams to co-create their most sacred lives. THIS is what freedom means to me. 

Teaching programs of deep soul healing & life coaching for divorcees, women w/ childhood rape trauma, recovery from narcissistic relationships, & releasing the stronghold of co-dependence and addictive behaviors.


Healer + Spiritual Coach for Powerful Women in Business

I help women activate + understand their unique soul-sourced healing + intuition gifts to use in corporate business & private healing, therapy & coaching practices around the world. 

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2 Hours of Powerplay with Spirit that will Light Your Sacred Heart.

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From Reiki to Akashic Records to personal soul clarity, I work directly with your angels to help you understand just exactly how amazing and bright you are. And I teach you how to do this for yourself, kids, & others if that's your gig. I'm not just another reader. I am a clairvoyant teacher, channel and guide and it's my greatest joy to help my clients do for themselves what they started out asking me to do. 


Path of the Modern  Priestess

You are powerful beyond your wildest imaginings. Do you know that? 8 years ago I barely knew who I was. Through a failed marriage, breast cancer, solo raising 2 young girls, and severe anxiety...I crawled out. Something was way, way off inside of me. I had to heal. I had to expand. And as it turns out, I had to turn on my psychic healer gifts and learn to trust my angels in order to be the real, full-on ME.

Do YOU crave to know a love so deep it rocks your world? Want to live as a fully spiritual/psychic woman in your everyday world? Then let's talk about my Wings of Isis Priestess Program for powerful, ambitious women. The world's waiting for you to find your true voice and lead with your heart.

Won't you let Love set you free?

Call Me. Set up a free discovery session ➔

How It

I use powerful healing skills to show you where & why you're blocked. This enables you to release your blocks & reprogram yourself with brand new thinking, energy, understanding, skills & habits. Trust me -- magical things happen when you break free of old ways, allowing Spirit to show you entirely new parts of yourself. If you're unclear who you are or where to go next, apply for my self mastery program & let's start getting you all cleared up--me, you, your sacred heart, & your loving angel team. 

Are you ready? Arrange a free call ➔
Healer, Psychic Intuitive, Teacher, Reader.
Reiki Expert, Mom of 2 very independent young women.
Corporate Manager, Beach LOVER. And I do mean lover.

Suzanne Alexandri:
Healer's Healer, Angelic  Channel, Spiritual Coach.


My mission is to guide and empower women to the same freedom that enabled me to supercharge my intuition, trust God, Spirit, and Myself, and use my deepest soul connection. I will guide you with passion, Source light, divine love, and grace to help you see, trust, & believe how beautifully powerful you really are. You were born to live wildly free and abundant. I know this now. You were born for glory. Are you ready to be that?

Well then, let's talk.


"Run, don't walk, to work with Suzanne."

-Molly A.

"I felt so good after our session yesterday! It was amazing the shift I felt! I even fell asleep without taking any Unisom, which I haven't been able to do since I lost my job last August!!! I woke up before my alarm this morning. I did the Reiki stuff right after, opened my eyes after finishing, and my cat was calmly sitting right in front of me. I didn't even know she was there!! Lol!"

Kate Hale
Sr. Operations Manager

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