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~Reboot~Refill~Ground~Center~Fill~Enliven Your Spirit, Mind, and Body w/ Jennifer Holton.

Come for the JuJu. Leave Renewed & in Love. 

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Set Your Qi Free

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Meet Your Angel Instructor:
Jennifer Holton

Jennifer Holton is a certified Instructor of Tai Chi for Health, of which Qigong is the core foundational practice. She's  been teaching Tai Chi for 8 years and Qigong for 2, whilst operating her primary business as a spiritual breakthrough coach.

Besides teaching the traditional methods of these ancient Chinese arts, Jennifer combines seamlessly her deep knowledge of how to integrate physical and spiritual energy for maximum health and well-being.

Jennifer is also a founding member of the Alexandria Institute's Council of Healers and serves as a Healer and Channel of the Akashic Records.

Join us and keep moving.
Your spirit will thank you.


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 Qigong is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

 Benefits include improved flexibility, circulation, balance, mood, & flow.

 Qigong promotes relaxation by bringing you back to center.  

All of this helps with other practices and things like self healing, living in peace, being mindful, connecting to Spirit, and being in conscious contact with the Divine.

"There's no better way to remain connected to our own Source essence than alongside the eternal light of Spirit who loves us unconditionally, and just wants us to be happy. Really. This is one thing I know." 
- Suzanne


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