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I No Longer Let Myself Be Sacrificed, So I Re-Registered Independent

~ Independence ~ Freedom ~ Liberty ~ Love~

These are things I now hold most sacred. So much so that I dare say I would be willing to lay down my life for them in certain cases.

While I do not understand the repeat of an ages-old battle on the European front....I understand why those Ukrainian fighters are doing what they are doing. Sometimes freedom is worth every ounce of blood, sad as that is for onlookers and all involved. They are maintaining their sovereignty, some until their last breath. I pray I never have to, but I just might do the same if ever faced with that tragic choice.

The very core value for my coaching business is #Freedom. 

And that's why I have just un-registered politically and declared myself Independent. I am no longer affiliated with one of our very broken parties. And it feels so right for me.

I no longer want to be in that game over there of us vs. them, or you vs. me. For the most part, if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure I'd like most things about you, and I don't even want to give a damn about what political party you align with, because frankly, I bet you don't love every single aspect of whatever side it is. So this week I concluded that the best thing I as a sovereign individual American woman can do is de-affiliate, continue to watch all sides, and then cast my vote accordingly, honoring by very hard-fought freedom of choice I still have. I feel it's so much better for me. I want to shop for policies and good, trustworthy leaders like I shop for literally anything else. I don't buy crappy products. I don't want crappy policies or teams or b.s. running our country. Period.

This isn't a new idea. But it's new for me, and it's new in my entire life. Over the past 20 years I've been healing the deepest of childhood wounds, co-dependence, and my own kind of crazy that was my wiring as a result of the environments I have lived in. I've been climbing out of self doubt, loathing, hatred and more, from breast cancer, divorce, and terrifying trauma into the fragrant, fine warm misty waters of compassion, Love, light, and yes...total #Freedom. I've died on hills for my freedom. I have lost friends and family. Each death has led to a new beginning, many resurrections, and made space for the light to come in so that now my life is so full of light I may need a new container for it. Seriously it's that good. It's so worth it.

Let freedom ring.

We the people have that scripted in our DNA. But you wouldn't know it from the blasphemous mess strewn around by some media and politicians.

So making this choice is one of many ways I'm letting this God-given innate freedom I have a chance to shine again. It's time to play my own freedom card instead of playing second-fiddle to some chaotic group of politicians vying for things I may or may not even believe in. 

I want them to show me what they want to do for US, how they'll do it, and then I want to cast my vote from an independent land line of my own. I want it to be like a business proposal. That's a solid methodology that we know works. WE the people should be forcing them to show us with dignity how they'll make things better, instead of the dog food served on the self-aggrandizing party line that assumes everyone on the team likes a crappy deal. 

I don't have all the answers. I am not all that savvy politically. But I did live in Washington, D.C. for 20 years so I know a thing or two and have beloved friends doing all kinds of amazing things there. But as I now lead with my God-given intuition, I'm making different choices for myself all the time, and this is one of them I felt so happy to share. Let me know if it resonates for you. 

And as I let freedom ring....I invite you to a personal celebration over the holiday weekend: 

Each year in my private practice I offer a free Independence Day heart-healing meditation via Zoom to call in even more light of freedom, independence, Divine Love, and healing. It's for us--and I mean US--the WE the People US that seems to be forgotten in our dialogue these days. I offer a sanctuary energy space to release a bit more of the past we no longer want to carry around in our old valises, and then the call of the energies of freedom and liberation, plus whatever else comes forth.

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~~L'Chaim: A Toast to SovereignMe, SovereignYou, and SovereignWE~~



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