Dare to Say Yes to SEEING the Truth in Front of You

Or maybe a better title could be the opposite of this question: When we refuse to see the Truth lying in front of us....what happens?

For many of you now, what is causing your greatest pain is your obstinance.

Not gonna lie.

It's that simple.

Many of you are refusing to just see and allow and accept what is before you. All of it. And this is how I was shown to help to explain--through a dream.

I had a dream once recently that took place in a regular neighborhood with regular people. Only there was one man on the street who, it turns out, liked to attract beautiful, smart, professional women to his home where he would end up torturing and killing them. 

I know. Right? I mean really. 

And yet we've all been there in some way or another, ladies. We've all been lured by someone in some old fashioned way into something that was incredibly dangerous or at the very least incredibly unhealthy. 

And you know what you would say about any one of those circumstances?

You knew all along something was wrong. You knew he was strange and his proposition did not feel right. You knew. Your intuition was waving all kinds of red flags.

And you ignored every damn one of them because you thought you should just be nice. You thought you could help him. You thought he needed you. You thought it was your problem to fix.

I hear it all the time. But the difference between doing something out of sheer servitude and obligation, vs. ideal of acting out of consciousness and knowing it is right....now THAT will make all the difference.

So in this dream, I found myself in this nefarious fellow's home and saw about 10 other women--all beautiful, smart, prestigious. They'd all been lured there. And he lived on a normal street, but inside was so awful--like Dommer's home. And two of them were tied up.

But you know what? It wasn't even hard to leave. He was so weak that it wasn't even hard to get out of the place together. Somehow we ended up getting him to fall asleep, and we left. But the other women seriously had no idea how closely they had escped what would have been a certain death. They kept talking about normal, everyday things as if they were at the mall after yoga class and a day of work. I herded them behind cars down the street and tried to get them to start calling the police, and nobody would! Nobody wanted to stop telling her stories long enough to get her phone out and call someone to arrest him! Nobody! And my phone had died so I kept borrowing phones and trying to call the local police, but it was so hum-drum that it took many calls until finally the police came.

It was so easy for them to capture him because he didn't even know what to do. He'd been there for decades doing the same thing and nobody had reported him!

His neighbor was having a night-time party in her yard next door and I went over to her and she said oh, she'd always thought he was such a nice man that she never knew anything was wrong. And yet when it came down to it...she had known all along.

I was like that too. I used to bypass the truth in favor of niceties. And it kept me imprisoned in my own torture and anxiety for 50 years. 

I don't do that anymore. 

The truth is what sets you free. And society's proprieties are meaningless when we let each other be harmed innocently even when our deepest core gut truth tells us something is not right.

Only discernment will keep us out of trouble. Wits. Wisdom. Thinking straight about situations. And, following our intuition.

I herald the time now where I have stopped telling stories to make myself or someone else feel okay. It's way better to lovingly tell the truth, or face the truth, and then work through the consequences, then to bury the knowing and intuition that God gave us in order to keep ourselves safe, and healthy, and in a space of communal love.

How many lives and communities will thrive because a neighbor dared stand up for someone in truth and willingness to say something difficult? How many kids will have better lives because of steps like that? Lots. Truth is worth feeling uncomfortable for--and it just might set you free on an entirely new level if you let it.

Namaste, and May Truth Become You.


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