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Powerful Healing through Your Akashic Records

Akashic Records Book of Life

Our lives take us on crazy and wondrous paths. I assist people to journey into the beyond—into the realm of spirit, their soul, the angel realm, and the vastness they are as a window to who they want to be here and now.

As an energy healer and activator, I work within the Akashic Records. These records are part of each of us. They store memories of all that we have ever been and done–in this lifetime, and in past lifetimes. One’s experiences are stored as energetic records, visible to the trained eye, much like memories of this lifetime which we easily see in our mind’s eye.

Interestingly, there are often deeply rooted and very old traumas and memories that cause us pain, dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and many other symptoms.

When clients have ongoing or recurring symptoms that modern medicine or therapy cannot seem to solve, I suggest that we work together to understand whether there are much deeper ‘wounds’ or energy that is stuck. It is simply the stuckness that needs to get out of the way.

Some of the more recent examples that demonstrate the ways we can assist and heal from deep within include:

  •   One client has had persistent migraines (15-20 per month), and often, the pain is in a very distinct spot towards the back of her head. After an Akashic healing session, she had a very clear dream and saw herself being hit with a wooden club by her angry spouse (a man she had also had a relationship with in this life) in a lifetime several hundred years ago. This had resulted in a traumatic death, leaving many things between them unresolved. Now, it was time for her to heal those wounds, and the clarity made way for a smooth process. She now has rare migraines, indicating that there is likely still a bit of work remaining, which she continues.
  •   Another client has had a deep fear of airplanes, and flying. During an Akashic session, her guides revealed a deep correlation to being abandoned in this life, and in past lives. She was able to release this fear by seeing it clearly, acknowledging its purpose, and letting go.
  •   Another client has had a seemingly irrational fear of loss of children and family. In a session, it was revealed that she had indeed been forced to surrender her child during a time of war, leaving much trauma unresolved. The healing of this karmic wound helped her anxiety in this lifetime subside.
  •   A mother of a five-year-old was able to ‘see’ the reality that her son is experiencing and what is causing internal turmoil that manifests itself as symptoms commonly thought of as ADHD. This insight provided comfort and a knowing of what helpful next steps she will be able to take.
  •   Another example is of a more current challenge: One client wished to be healthier and lose a little weight. During our session, she set a clear intention and asked for assistance to give her body just what it needs and desires, and by the next time I saw her, she had lost six pounds with little formal effort.

This work takes us to our past in order to heal our present, and to create a clearing for our future. It greatly helps us understand where we want to go and what choices are available to us, while we always experience free will.

The process I use during healing sessions connects both myself and my clients with our highest divine spirit guides who assist us in knowing Truth. It helps clients see who they are through the eyes of the angels, and remember sacred aspects of themselves.

Through a very sacred process, I work within the records, and the guides  provide insights and answers with unconditional compassion and love. It is a beautiful, very healing process, and clients receive a complete energetic healing during each session, leaving them feeling very much in harmony, and with more of life’s questions answered.

This I know: We do not work or live alone. We are always surrounded by the love of the angel realm. And, on our journey, in order to receive assistance, we need to ask for help. I provide the heart-space and skill to call forth your spirit guides to allow you to receive just the intuitive guidance you need to help you move forward, feel peace, create new projects, understand relationships, and more.

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