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Conscious Divorce

Choosing divorce is one of the most stressful and frightening experiences in life. 

But I don't use the word 'choose' lightly. I have learned that it is inherently liberating and often imperative to make choices--even when they feel like the most difficult ones in the universe.

I've been there. I know what it's like. And in my work with clients, I share strategies, guidance from Spirit, meditations, and tools & practices to help navigate the actual day-to-day journey of conscientious, deliberate uncoupling with the greatest amount of grace, and even ease, possible.

I took many many years to finally come to divorce. I first separated a decade before I actually left my now ex-husband. Through it all, I learned and grew and experienced a very deep spiritual awakening--back to my own center, and back to the wholeness of me. I had lost myself in the relationship, for many deep reasons. But, I also found myself. I had to admit to myself, when the time came, that the entire marriage no longer served me, or my children.

It wasn't easy. It wasn't always graceful. But, looking back, it was always, always, always grace-filled. There was always the gentle hand of the Divine, leading me on, supporting my choices, guiding me to the support and the people who could help me.

I bring this experience, and my ability to help clients connect with their own Divine team of guides, to this work, to assist those who are ready to consciously uncouple with as much ease as possible through this time of tremendous change. 

To me, the work is about claiming your worth, and setting yourself--and ultimately your spouse--free, with as much dignity as possible. 

We need assistance with that process. It can be too much to take on alone. I didn't do it alone, and I learned we don't have to. Neither do you.

I'd love to talk through your situation to help us know if we are a good match. 

If you are called, please arrange a free 15-minute phone call to discuss how we can work together.

Or, let's begin working together now. Arrange a set of three one-on-one sessions held over 6-8 weeks to help you become more centered and empowered in your own process. Book your first session + package here: Book Sessions Now.

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