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It Takes Courage to Live Life on the Other Side of Fear

Here's one thing I know:

It takes courage to live life well. It really does. A good, clear, honest, love-centered life is not for the faint of heart. Learning to stay present, committed to yourself & your goals, not get sidetracked by shiny objects that aren't for your highest good, things like that--it's work. And that's the kind of living that I have been led to really really value.

I didn't grow up with those things as my values. Based on my childhood, I didn't have a very strong inner compass for what I really really wanted. Like, I didn't give much thought to what I wanted my legacy to be. I lived far more hand-to-mouth (as a quintessential people-pleaser, btw) before I started to realize the value of living a life that's really on purpose. And I mean on MY sovereign purpose--while also being divinely guided.

Following your purpose and passion requires dedication, & what I began to see is it's the same kind of dedication that all the greats have, like for instance professional athletes. Hitting the all-stars, the national level, the Olympics--it doesn't just happen, even though they make it look so simple.

By the time someone makes it to the league of the best of the best, they've dedicated years or decades, every day, to the challenges and opportunities of making their own dreams and desires come true. I think that part often gets glossed over when we watch the pros, because they are so sleek, and it's easy to think they're just lucky. But skill, perfection, grace on the court, field, or stage comes with a high price of time, commitment, sacrifice, dedication...and courage. I've started to see it as courage to do the impossible, to defy the norms in our everyday lives, to bust out of impoverished thinking, or families, to be brave enough to march to a different drum. 

This is what I am starting to define as a commitment to our own hearts, and the passion of our hearts. To me that's what it means to be a spiritual warrior.

Think for a moment about the kinds of people you admire (off the court/field) who live life full-on. Brilliant singers, performers, teachers, accountants, CEOs, leaders, counselors, lawyers, chefs, scholars, business owners. They're all around. And they're dedicated to their journey every single day.

I bet YOU are too. But if you're like I've been, there's something that keeps you stuck, or second-fiddle, playing in the minor leagues. Think of anything?

One of the most underestimated skills I know & teach is the intuition & awareness that are essential to hone if we really want to live fully open, vulnerable, present, and abundant lives. It takes commitment to tackle our inner pain instead of self-medicating. It takes self love to give ourselves time to explore our inner worlds so that we become the best versions of ourselves we are here for. 

It's hard because it's painful. Not a lot of people want to look at their sh!t. I mean, who really wants to look at their trauma or weaknesses, right? Their achilles heels? Who really wants to admit where they've been the oppressor instead of just the victim, where they've let themselves down by not following their hearts to something better, and just settled for mediocrity?

I'm not saying those things are even mistakes, because in the realm of Spirit, that's not even important. What IS important is that we don't let our experiences keep us small, or living in shame & doubt, or afraid of changing bad habits once we're finally ready to.

On my journey, I continue to see old stones that paved my way that need to be examined & reckoned with. It's just the way of the truth warrior. And every time I do....every time I look at something from my past that I had glossed over...there's a gem there. It turns into a pearl of wisdom, and I get to take want into the next beyond, and leave what I no longer need.

And the beautiful truth is, I always get to choose. It's up to me to choose how to be in that moment, choosing either to hold on to some piece of baggage, grudge, or obstacle...or rise above it, forgive, & say farewell to a stinky old habit that I may have allowed to linger far too long.

This inner work is tough. But it's so incredibly rewarding, and I wouldn't be nearly the person I am becoming if I'd gone half-ass and just settled for mediocrity. 

I'm not bragging. I'm speaking my truth. I had to learn that I was worth saving from a really bad childhood, and that the key to my lasting freedom was to get to work excavating the sources of pain, cancer, dysfunction, divorce, etc. because only then would I really be free.

And guess what. It's worked.

And, it's taken a hell of a lot of courage.

So girl, live like the lion-hearted leader that you are. 

Breathe in the beauty that surrounds you every single day, and start carving out even a wee bit more time for yourself to go inside---into your heartspace. Do some housecleaning, because that's where change happens. Right there in your sacred heart temple.

The entire world will be better for it. But for you? The reward is priceless: Peace beyond fear, love beyond anxiety, joy beyond complacency. That's how I see it anyway. So thanks for letting me share.


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