Dear Body: 

We've been through a lot, haven't we. I know.

I see you. I feel your pain. In this life, I have put you through a lot of hell, some might say, and you have withstood it. You have endured hell that someone else put you through, too....and you got us through. But that's all in the past now. It's over. It's time to move on. Gently. And with ease, and grace.

I love showering you in warm water and soaking you in hot baths. You always seem to appreciate that. I love you so much. We're a team, you and me. You give life to my soul, and I give you experiences. I get that now. We're in sync. In union. And I'm realizing a new expression of this togetherness now.

It sure hasn't been easy--but that's because there hasn't been trust in my heart. Because I wasn't able to trust life, I didn't treat you so well or talk to you lovingly. I get that now. It turned into so much anxiety. I just didn't know the way it actually could be. I'm sorry that I used to pour alcohol and painful thoughts into you instead of love. I get it. I totally, 100% get it now. And I guess that is enough, right?

Before, I didn't know how not to do that. It's all I'd been shown. I didn't do better because I couldn't. But now I can and so, I will.

I've been able to start to see this same reality with people in my life, too. Isn't it remarkable? Sometimes we don't really know how to do it, but we're doing our best, and yet our best is so incredibly painful, over and over and over again, and it just all gets so damn messy.

But dear body, I'm here now. I came back to truth and reality and a genuine desire to be here with you this time in a brand new way. 

You don't have to make yourself sick any more to gain attention.

You don't have to create pain or anxiety to get soothing or comfort or nourishment. 

You don't have to want to fall asleep to escape or to get me to give you what you need. 

Caring and loving support can be our normal now, every single day--because we are blessed beyond measure. 

Okay? Is that going to be alright? I get it. It will take a little time. Those old habits were 5 decades in the making and they don't change overnight. I wouldn't expect that. In fact, you've been so very impeccably designed that you frankly know way better than I what you need that will support us--so I'm opening to this new partnership on every level. 

I'm here. I'm awake. I'm listening. I'm proactive, and I'm aligning with our future now. I am the soul that gets to inhabit this body and I am so lucky. God made you for me. I'm the luckiest soul in the universe. Who wouldn't want this gorgeous limousine? This strength? And this hair? It's magnificent. Well, it's perfectly splendid.

So I want you to know that I'm back. And I've got my own back. I'm listening.

So tell me, my dear body: What is it that you really, really need in this moment? What do you truly desire?

Let's start there, shall we? Because all is well.


With full-on Love in my heart for you and how you support me, Thank you.


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