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Shift Your Energy, Shift Your Life

Those of you who love & bless your energy systems with regular maintenance know that when you shift your energy, you shift your life. 

It’s really a thing. 

Every day, I get to witness the freedom that my clients experience after they have given themselves time, investment, and trust in order to come into a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships, their energy, and what's going on with situations in their lives.

This work is about getting unstuck--usually from lots of layers that we can't always see on our own.

And we get to do this with celestial, angelic support. How amazing is that?! 

We assist with life/career/soul choices, relationships, spiritual connection & awakening, honing your own intuition, learning to use Reiki in daily life, and so much more.

Why do that alone? It’s much easier with a trusted friend or guide!


To support you all, beloved clients & friends, I offer two slightly new structures:


1) Package of 3 sessions, 75-minutes each. 

Includes extra support & guided energy meditations every week through my Tuesday morning coaching calls for anyone working in this ongoing way. It's a beautiful, safe, loving community where all benefit by coming together and getting clear.

Investment: $700

Book sessions easily via my site or 

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2) Referral Bonuses.  Thank you for sharing w/ your friends & family!

I am grateful for your referrals and happily offer $50 off your next session for all friends who book a session.

Thank you! 

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