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Why I Do Reiki.

Reiki has saved me many times, and I use it daily because life calls for Divine assistance...doesn't it? We don't do these lives alone. Why not bring in more life force?
Reiki is pure Love, light, inspiration, and consciousness.
Reiki helps us heal on all levels from life's events. Reiki heals trauma, relationships, body and health issues, mind-over-matter conflicts, pain, fatigue, weariness from life....and so much more.

I teach groups of nurses, massage therapists, therapists, church parishioners, kids & teens and so many others because I want to get this unique gift into as many homes as possible. 

Reiki is Love. That's the #Truth.

I first found Reiki because I suffered from extreme anxiety -- and depression too, as it turns out and was seeking an alternative to Xanax. It began to help me lift myself out of some very dark places. And then it began to help me return to a wholeness I had not known for many years. Through incredibly deep healing, my life is forever changed. And I mean for the better. I would not be here withou this light.

You know you're ready.

So let's connect.

My Reiki Philosophy.

Reiki is a tool anyone benefits from by keeping in your back pocket and calling upon the Source multiple times during your days. That's why I teach it. I found Reiki 20 years ago and came back to it again a decade later when my whole world fell apart. Besides anxiety, I had had a failed and very co-dependent marriage, breast cancer, little kids, and trauma in my past. I know hard knocks. And I would not be here without the love, support, healers, friendships, and Divine Guidance I have found through my daily Reiki practices.

I've now taught hundreds of beautiful souls the same tricks. Some of them now operate their own Reiki businesses as I love to teach other healers, and entrepreneurs. We're a team. Now we partner together because each offers her own unique style, philosophy, why, talent, and expertise. We're a loving network of angel souls who know the power of this beautifully guiding, healing light we call Reiki.

1:1 Sessions.

I also work one-on-one. Arrange a set of 4 sessions with Suzanne to get you unstuck and on a path to uplevel with guidance and Reiki. Let's get you going. 

Join An Upcoming Class.

Ready? Join me. I teach Reiki via Zoom alternating Mondays.

Next live class: Monday January 16, 5pm-7pm MT (7-9pm ET) 

This class includes: Introduction to Reiki (video), handout with background information. Education about and attunement to two Reiki symbols (Choku Rei and Harth.) Practice, plus guidance on how to incorporate Reiki into your daily meditation and spiritual/wellness practice.

Next class will be posted here. Feel free to request!

Custom Classes.

I happily arrange custom classes if you've got a group (colleagues, yoga or massage studio, book clubs, besties, college buddies, birthday parties) who want to learn together in person or via Zoom. It just takes a couple of hours to get started. I also offer an array of video coursework if you're ready to dive in even deeper after the first class.

Arrange Package of 4 Reiki Sessions Now
Students: Download My Intro to Reiki Handbook (PDF)