New Year, New You Review & Launch Series!

angel messages innerfreedom soul love Nov 28, 2021


Last year, a beloved group of us brought in the holidays and Winter Solstice with a fabulous 3-week teaching and series of activations called 21 Days of Crown Chakra. The core videos are available for purchase in my library and if you are curious about deepening your stellar spiritual connection, it's highly recommended. Purchase access here.

And now, for 2021, as we roll into 2022, what does Spirit have in store for you???? 

Planning for the Co-Creation of Your Life in 2022 and Beyond!

How epic is THAT?

Join me for FIVE live workshops to carry you through December into January. Each workshop will build upon itself with high Spiritual guidance to show you a positive way to look at the year you have lived, and co-create your best plan yet for a new year grounded in light, values, what you want to achieve, and more.

Review. Renewal. Prioritizing. Action. Connection.

It sounds rather businessy...but I have found that parts of our lives are lived best when we take care of the planning and prioritizing what we want.

And....when we do that WITH Spirit, well, it's powerful, to say the least.

Won't you join?

Bring your notebook & headphones, and prepare to find time in-between workshops for meditation and conversation with the Divine. 

Tune In. Dial it Up. Receive Messages. Get Clear. Get Real Clear. Set Yourself Up for Success in 2022.

Investment: $147

All workshops recorded and shared with participants.

~~ The perfect set-up for your annual January Vision-Boarding with your beloveds! Or with new friends from this community! ~~


Ready to shift your life? First, shift your energy. 

Learn how to create a powerful spiritual connection.

Join my intuition & spiritual channeling program. Learn how to ask and receive your best inner guidance. Connect with your knowing serenely & clearly. Learn to guide yourself, your work, your life with Spirit at your side, and YOUR Spirit all lit up.

I do this work because spiritually grounded leaders make amazing choices for themselves and others, and THAT's how we will leave a lasting legacy on this planet.

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