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Beloved Bastille Day -- May All Hearts Be Free

Oh how I do love Bastille day.

Once in the 1900s (1988 to be precise and just wow) I had a flight out of Paris on that very day -- 14 Juillet. Somehow I ended up with time and personal agency, & magically (divinely guided) found myself right in the middle of the crowd in front of L’Arc de Triumph. It was a fantastic Bastille Day parade replete with French military jets making a very grand spectacle--and I got to join for a while as I was en route to Charles Degaulle to fly home after a perfectly rich summer abroad.

These are the kinds of things that always remind me Spirit has my back (the entire summer experience does that for me). I didn't have the awareness to plan to attend that parade and probably didn't even know it was going to happen as I had been in England and Wales the week or two before. But thankfully, my Piscean nature lets me often go with the flow and end up in serendipitous experiences--and so it was on that day. It was magnificent (see in that photo??)

So lucky was I, that later that same day on layover in St Louis I decided I wanted to call one of my college buddies there, Javier, but had zero American money on my person. Something just told me to reach my finger in the change slot of a certain pay phone in this big long row of pay phones (something our kids will never ever know), and lo and behold I received exactly enough coinage for that call. That’s how the winds of Love work.

There IS a Higher Power of God at play in our lives always. Are you listening? Are you daring to put your finger in a change bin to see if there's some magic there for you? I did on that day and when I look back, I've done that many times, and it works.

I hope you do the same--and on the regular. Because the game of life is way more fun when we dare to let magic happen.

So, on THIS beloved Bastille Day, 2022....My prayer is that once again in new and fresh ways, you consider letting Freedom Ring. I mean, why not? 

Maybe let your heart sing for even more freedom and sovereignty for you, for others, and for this world. You don't have anymore crosses to bear. But what could even MORE freedom look like?

Days like this always remind me to be grateful and to keep dreaming. And to thank the warriors of light and truth upon whose shoulders we stand today. We cannot let their work to keep us free be in vain.

One of my favorite books of all times is called City of Darkness, City of Light, by the beloved Marge Piercy. It takes place during the French Revolution (which lasted many decades.) The book was instrumental in helping me understand the fight for freedom that we in that timeline experienced.

Freedom is sacred. It's a gift. It's a privilege. It's worth working and sometimes dying for in my opinion. But if more people (cue leaders) would just realize we're already free and we don't have as much to fear as we think we do....we wouldn't even have to fight for freedom. Instead we could focus our attention on manifesting better and better ways to be in love with this life and make things better. Because a lot of things are not as bad as some would have us believe. And, some are and we have precious work to do.

And so on this day I send you fireworks of freedom to light your way.

Be free. It's a state of mind as much as anything else.


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