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Equinox Portal 2022: Seraphim Heart Healing--with The Magdalene!

Equinox Portal 2022: Seraphim Heart Healing

Watch the replay of this powerful Equinox webinar with Beyond the Ordinary with superstar guide John Burgos for a white light Seraphic heart healing with the Magdalene and Mother Mary. Receive the offering to topple formerly constrictive ties, shields, or holdings that may have kept your sacred heart from opening to its full potential.

Baby, it’s time to step out of doubt into life without fear. That’s the path of glory for the spiritual warrior, empath, intuitive, healer. And yet so many of us have lived with such pain in our hearts, we scarcely knew the truth, or how abundantly glorious it can be to live fully vested in the flow of an open heart.

And holy light, check this out:

The Fall Equinox alignment was precisely on September 22, 2022 at 9:04 pm EDT, 6:04 pm PT…during this show. So as the entire World transitioned seasons…and at the singular moment that the night is equal to the day….you will literally be engaging your own version of an inner heart balancing with the Angels of the White Lion, also known as the Seraphim or Serafina--even as you listen to it later. Come be supported by these highest angels who teach us what glory looks like right here on Earth. 

Think of it as a blessing for:

  • More liberation. 
  • A libation to Spirit, who just wants to love you. 
  • A new, transcendent reunion of your sovereign Self with the Divine, right inside your heartspace–that place where all the Love in the Universe communes.
  • A gong bath for your heart strings.

Come. Receive a cosmic blessing. Whatever you’re seeking…know that it’s all here for you. 

Because baby, you were born for glory, in technicolor, full-on, and for whatever so dearly calls to the countenance of your soul.

Listen or watch the replay: BTO Recording


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