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It's Magnificent to Dream, and Imperative to Take Action.

Lots of you who are in my Thursday calls or Akashic Records masterclass have been part of me sharing that I am moving. I'm selling my family's home and downsizing by 2/3 to fit into a very small apartment and it's feeling so very right. It's timely. It's necessary for a large number of deeply personal and practical reasons. And....it's been hard as heck.

While it goes counter to the language I like to use that keeps things in the light and positive.....sometimes life is hard and there are a whole lot of serious things at stake. I learned a beautiful saying while in the Peace Corps in Poland in the early 90s: Life is hard and full of tricks and surprises. Talk about a people who know that for sure. They'd been through World War II (that started with the first shots fired their homeland), Communism, extreme rationing of goods, cold dark winters, heartache of millions perished, and so very much more. And yet my Polish friends were some of the most real and rational and fun people I have ever known. I love them so much.

This move has been hard. It still might be. It's forced me to look at things within myself that are really really painful. Secrets, patterns, beliefs, parenting skills or lack thereof. Hard things are either opportunities for growth or for pain I guess, or both. One of the biggest things I'm tackling with it is that this is NOT abandonment. It's actually progression for my future and the future of those I care for. But in the midst of the messiness it sure is important to remember that.

So I wanted to touch on a main point from my awareness.

Sometimes in spiritual teaching, it gets confusing to think about surrendering to the will of God, or the Universe, or a Higher Power. That's a thing. But what does it mean? What I'm finding to be my truth is that there's my Divinity--and my Divinity usurps my ego, and it gives me the stability that I need when I need it--and it gives me the answers. And as best as I can stay in my Divinity (which is my own Soul, my way to navigate with God, God consciousness, and the realm of guides and angels that supports you and me), then the best I actually navigate. 

I guess I'm accepting on a new level that we're MEANT to go through things here in this life on this planet. Hard things help us build our bones, and help us develop things like boundaries, wisdom, &enlightened perspective. And as much as these experiences can be so incredibly painful, that seems to be how it's designed. So why do I fight it so much? I'm slowing down that struggle, through consciously making this move and, thanks a million times to my mentors, I'm starting to seen the beauty and Divine wisdom of that comes from struggle. This something I have fought mightily in my life here.

Is it easier to accept this as truth?

Life is hard.

You get up, you fall down. You have amazing highs and really low lows. Do I understand why? Kind of. Do I wish for nirvana? Yes and now, less now for sure. But I guess I'm learning that the more I STOP expecting things to finally be perfect, and allow for the tides to always be in flow--and that means in, and out, up, and down--as I learn to allow that in my life, then I am learning to not resist, and that's a whole lot of something, just right there, in those present moments.

The main lesson I want to share is how important THIS part of it is: I HAVE to do my part to take action and to be guided by this Divine navigation system that God and the Earth have given me. My guides have shown me it's like Maverick and Goose in Top Gun, where they have everything they need to navigate like a badass. They have this impeccable wiring in their helmets, and a plane designed with perfection in mind, to see and hear, start and stop on a dime, and blast thru the curviest and rockiest of terrain. But they're always the ones having to make the split-second choices that can mean the difference between life, or death.

I see our soul-body connection like that. Our innate wisdom plus our connection to our team of angels, and us as and with Source Mother Father God of All Things. My understanding of it all keeps evolving. I will never ever understand the bigger picture (in this present lifetime)...but I've begun to trust it all so deeply, because that same vibration of Love and countenance that brought me here in the first place is still here within me and around me, supporting my abilities to navigate decisions that are really really tricky, as I attempt to consider the highest benefit of all involved. And that's the part I get to surrender. 

So for example, when I made this decision to put this house on the market and sell it (and believe me it's been up for discussion for the past 3 years....), after receiving the same message on the same day from two beautiful and independent sources, I plugged my nose and did a cannon ball in this time because in addition to the solid external counsel, something inside of me was telling me that it was right. I'd felt and known that before, mind you, but this time I wanted to tow the line and let it happen.

I did that thing where you buy a little statue of Saint Joseph, bury him upside down in your yard next to the for sale sign and ask him to help you sell your home expeditiously, with love, for the highest and best price, and to the best buyers, in integrity all the way. And that's precisely how it is going. But I couldn't just stop with a wing and a prayer. I have been hustling, being nudged, sometimes kicking and screaming, but learning to take my own action because that's how my mentor and my angels are guiding me. I've had to move more swiftly on things than in a very long time. These kinds of changes call for that--so you've got to move like a maverick.

There are times where this dynamic is full-on and we are pressed in every way. And the main thing I want to ask you is how do you want to move through those times? Do you want to be in flow? Or resistance? In adherance to your own soul's divine plan and desires? Or the often made-up needs of others, or fears that keep you small? 

There's so much I could write on this topic but I think I'll keep it nice and clean and simple and leave you with this question for your homework if you like this topic (you know how much I LOVE giving homework because that's the way I know to help you integrate your own versions of truth!):

How far are you willing to go to trust your self and your innate connection as Divinity? Those of you in my groups these days have been part of some really enriching discussions based upon the teachings of Mary Magdalene and her guidance, and we've been pondering: What does it mean to be both wholly Divine....and fully human? What even IS that reality? How does that work? Is it MY way? Or just an idea?

It's all so good, and so hard. I hope you will find something enlightening in your week ahead where, you'll be pushed or inspired to confirm your own sovereign truths in one way or another. If something is pushing you to your edge...well you just might look at it and make the most of it because I know so well that ignoring it or making up some story about it is....really painful.

Am I right?

Love you to the moon and back.

--Suzanne & Co.

P.S. There's a really fun fact about they buyers of my home. The woman in the partnership is a librarian in our local school district. I just think that is so fun and fantastic given my work within the Akashic Records, and my Alexandria Library. I mean, come on. You just gotta wonder and love it all. Or, do you? :)

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