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Life is Short Shorts Announcement

Life is short, & tricky sometimes. 

One thing I know for sure is that it's way better when our mindset is clear and in focus.

And that takes a certain amount of work. There's a certain diligence and rigor required to sail your ship to your destination, right. It doesn't just happen.

And so to that end, my Team and I have agreed to launch what we're calling Life is Short Shorts.

Daily notes that will uplift, help you scale, crack you open...whatever your heart may desire.

These shorts will include messages channeled through my conversations with the Divine, including a team known to me as the Council of Love. My connection includes archangels, ascended masters, personal loved ones who have crossed over, and many many more. They all have one thing in common: They ARE pure, unconditionally loving Light. And, our greatest wish is to assist and inspire you to know, experience, sense, tap into that very same light in any ways you so desire.

So if you like this idea I'd love to serve these up right to your in-box each day. 

Drop your email into the form here, and I'll send your first message tomorrow.

Namaste, beloveds.

-Suzanne & Co.

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