Welcome to Another New Day: Lion's Gate 8/8/22

Yesterday I hosted a workshop with a beloved group of souls, and we ushered in new energies of this year's Lion's Gate Portal. This is an annual event in the Cosmos--a time when the star Sirius aligns in a perfect way with our own Sun and the Earth. 


It is a call to our own perfect alignment.

Do you know what that is for YOU, beloved? 

How do you remain in alignment?

I have to tell you that I need my daily rituals in order to stay solid. I can't go a day without my sacred time for ritual, prayer, energy work, walking, sunlight, good food. All of it. It ALL counts. And I need it daily or I go astray.

That's one of the reasons I became a healer. 

I was so far off course I was plagued with anxiety every single day for decades. No word of a lie.

But then I found the importance of rituals like yoga brings--and yoga literally means the yoking--of the mind, body, and spirit. I wouldn't be here without all of this--and my holy connection to the Divine that I now know, and love, and that loves me unconditionally.

So today, on this day of 8/8/22, call into remembrance what keeps you holy. What keeps you on track? On purpose? Do you know? Can you answer that question? It's pretty much the secret to a good life, if you ask me.

In Ancient Egypt, for millennia, our predecessors celebrated this 8/8 day as a day of the new year. On these days of the Lion's Gate Portal, the Nile would flood, bringing much-needed waters to replenish the land and begin the fertile season. They built the Sphinx and the pyramids in perfect alignment with this star portal.

This was one of the many messages we shared in sacred union together in yesterday's workshop.

What might this new fertile time bring for you, beloved? How do you wish to live a life of alignment with your own sacred truth? Is that your destiny? Are you tired of not knowing? You have only the need to pray, and know.

May you fall into a new and deeper alignment at this time, so that what is yours may truly truly be known and made manifest.

May you know how dearly you are loved.




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