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Clearing Makes Room for Spirit

hummingbird spirit flies high and free

Following last week's writing about how profound it's been to clear my home of old things as I prepare to move, I wanted to share this commentary about what's happening inside of ME in my body, my mind, and my soul as a result--for honestly that's kind of the whole point of the transition.

I'm grouping my inner awareness and transformation around these 3 tenets today:

  1. You don't know what you don't know until you actually start the process. And so you're going to need to be extremely gentle with yourself. If true freedom is what you want in this precious lifetime, you're going to have to make some tough decisions and choices for yourself. You already have. But are you ready to make more choices from a higher vantage point?

    It's not been easy. I don't know why, but it hasn't been easy for me. The deeper I've gone inside of me, the more 'work' I have found. But the voices of my dear beloved guides and ancestors keep saying: allow it to come to pass. This is what you wanted. You wanted liberation.

    Some years ago I realized that the liberation I really wanted was the peace to live freely in my body. I didn't know it, but my body was like a prison to me, holding on to so many things I had asked it to keep score of from my childhood. So began my deep healing journey, and now I know that when my soul is in full alignment in my body, I feel it so sweetly. But it's still a process. It's not like that all the time. I'm still learning to navigate the back and forth.

    And as we've been discussing in various ways in my group calls this week, The Magdalene is really hitting hard with one of the primary messages (in my understanding) that she brings to us: that to be fully divine and fully human....that really is the whole point of this experience. To know ourselves as a Divine One in a body that has been on the Earth for decades and has absorbed programs of societies and family structures that are so very counter-intuitive to the Divine forces that the soul brings and knows...well, it's not a small thing to reconcile. Not at all. And yet...it's holy. It's messy and painful and blissful and terrible and it's holy. It's all of this. Because we are All of This. How can we keep going deeper, within?
  1. Clearing creates room for Union. I have been working on bodily assimilation of my soul and divinity for many many years. I didn't always know that or have names for it though. But I do know I came here for this experience and on most days I am willing to own that, even though it's hard. I don't want you to focus on the hard. I just want to say I get it if it's been hard for you as well. And I find that what's going on with my home is also going on with my soul's home--this gorgeous body that's a cathedral for my soul. It's literally happening simultaneously right now.

    After the physical clearing of my home came the spiritual cleansing of it, whereby I took action and asked for the removal of ALL old energies and energetic systems to be removed from the property and the house. Our spaces become assimilated WITH us, because they support us, and just like a sneaker that starts off all white and new but then gets worn and dirty and fitted to the foot of the human wearing it...a home melds with the people inside of it and what's going on with them. It houses our experiences in totality. It's at the mercy of whatever we bring into it, energetically and physically and spiritually.

    So, I had to enact several rounds of different kinds of clearings to get it to where I want it--and again I was happy to have assistance from others who care about these things because I couldn't do it myself. Let's just say that on one day, my realtor--who broadly accepts and loves the woo as much as you and I--got the same message from 3 different people basically saying: Has Suzanne had her house cleared? And I had been thinking the same thing. We had both assumed that because I do what I do for a living I had it under control. But one of the angel messengers (another realtor who also does clearings) said, "Yes but Suzanne is too close to it. She needs help. It needs to not be her for this. It's bigger than her." And so it was. So she came and blessed and cleared my space and it is amazing what that act of generosity did for the energy here. And then I was actually able to come in and do my things, conduct my own ceremony, and then move into a place of blessing the whole property.

    So now, my heart is in the blessing. I get to bless it ALL for the life and love and mess and healing it's given my family and me, and I have re-set it for whomever the home, trees, and all the little creatures who also live here want. I became really clear: This is THEIR space now. It's no longer mine. I am a temporary parker here now. And glad to be so. I want the union of place and space and people and souls coming next to be holy. I really do. That is my wish. I don't want ANY of the trauma energy that this house helped us work through to remain. Not one atom. Maybe the next family won't even have to do hard work here. Bless that. I don't know. Maybe they get to raise a family or strengthen a partnership or grow a business or host gatherings or whatever else is right for them. And may that all be so, because the space is opened to the highest and the very best for them now and that feels so very right and good.
  2. It's less about doing, more about allowing, accepting, and moving what needs to go. To do this, we must go within and see it all from a higher perspective. While I'm touching, cleaning, lifting and making decisions about every single item in this home....real freedom is coming from staying on a heightened level where my perspective is for the good of the order and the bigger picture. That's keeping me sane. And I'm quite sure that's an exercise that will inspire better ways of being me for the rest of my days.

    My spirit guides give me wonderful imagery as a way to keep 'being' in this mode, and they show this through Grandmother Spider (I love spiders and just last night there was a great one in my daughter's bathroom and she screamed out for me to do my catch and release program because she couldn't...or wouldn't???...)

    The spirit of Spider shows how she creates her innate & gorgeously perfect webs in high corners and then lets go. She waits and watches with all those eyes that see in all dimensions. Through this metaphor I see fit to make myself like that--to go within, in meditation, expanding how I am looking at something as if I am watching it play out from above as a movie--like a movie of a family member and me in my kitchen...seeing it from God's perspective. Grandmother Spider's perspective. My higher self's eye. Whatever works. It's helpful.

    Falling in and out of this kind of perspective (usually with a lot of help) has helped me to stay on top of things. Literally, physically, and spiritually. It's a pretty good tool for life.

So the take-away I might implore you to consider is this: All the effort, work, time, energy, trips up and down the stairs and to the garbage bins that is happening physically is also happening emotionally and I am allowing it to because it's a win-win. The work really IS making more space for my consciousness to be free and my spirit to soar. It's making more room for my own holy spirit to live inside my body because I'm not so distracted by the things and the pains that once filled the old space. And all of this is a blessing.

I look forward to even more freedom & luxury of space and soul as I move further in and further out, and to more mental and emotional release & reconfiguration. I'll leave it at that and share what I can.

Do you want that too? What are you willing to clear out of your heart, soul, home, mind, life? I'd love to hear from you either in a comment or at an upcoming event...about how you're taking your own time to make room for Spirit. 

Here's to the Light. It just wants to reside peacefully in us...as us. Are we willing to let it? Can we allow THAT much love?

I say yes. Do you?


P.S. Join one of my free coffee chats on Mondays at 5pm Mountain / 7pm Eastern to gab about these kinds of things -- the ways of the warriors of life as fully human and fully divine. Just register to get the Zoom link (same one each week.)

And may your week be fully blessed no matter how you spend your days.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

P.P.S.S. Hummingbirds have been sailing all around my sacred deck space this morning as I write this. I relish that light enchantment, and send it to you through this message. Take good care.






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