5 Shocking Ways Clearing My Home Made Me Happier

Hello, love. How are you today?

I’ve prepared a summary here of 5 ways my recent experiences of emptying my home for its imminent sale has helped reboot my energy and perspective in shockingly positive ways. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Here they are:

1. It turns out that clearing your space is an important part of spiritual liberation. 

This last month of total purge freed me on an entirely new level. My channeling is different. My light language even came back in a new way. I physically released more than I ever could have imagined–and I’m serious. And because of it all, I actually FEEL better and the physical opening created in home and body together keeps leading me to even MORE freedom–of thought, expression, and healing. I didn’t have ANY idea the amount of old crappy energy my decades-old things were holding until I got rid of them. It’s shocking! Carrying around stuff from the 1900s? It seems a bit ludicrous now, doesn’t it. I totally did not realize I was that person! I’ve lived SEVERAL lifetimes within lifetimes this past 30 years. I’ve been on a healing journey since 2009 and it turns out this home purge is actually a huge gift I just gave myself in the name of freedom in all parts of my life.

2. You don’t have to actually move. Just take on the process & do it in order to bring you more freedom, wherever you are.

If you’re feeling a niggle inside of you just reading this then trust it’s calling to you. Do it. Just do it now. Get up and go sort through your first kitchen drawer immediately in 15 minutes. You know the one. It’s got all the random items like old old chopsticks and ketchup. And then, after doing that one and feeling that huge hit of “Yes! This feels so good!!”, make a list of all the other spaces in your home and put some deadlines next to them to help yourself along. Maybe give yourself a couple of months, and then dedicate a treat like a mani/pedi or your favorite burger after you do the first 5. You will so thank me if you do this. Make it fun. Go spend 2 hours 3 times times a week, maybe at night instead of watching Netflix or in place of one trip to the gym. 

 Gifting yourself these few hours weekly will cascade into a super-high vibrational movement of energy–guaranteed.

3. Open to outsourcing. 

I was smart + lucky because the perfect and amazing professional intuitive organizer came along on day 1, literally. What a God-send. Because that’s the way we roll. She first had me tackle my basement–where all the dark still was. All the old old crap I kept turning a blind eye to. All the boxes of memories I thought I wanted. She promised me when we’d finished the basement I’d feel such a flood of endorphins it would propel me on–and she was right. She had me go through EVERY SINGLE PHOTO from old bins. (Remember how we used to get duplicates, like, always?) I ended up with a huge trash bag just of duplicates plus every photo of a memory that I don’t want to take with me into my future. 

 In that process alone I released, unhooked, decided, let go, and cleared. I burned incense. I moved my body as stuff released. I took showers and washed it all away. Same process with old kiddo things. I got to choose which sacred tiny clothes to take with me, which elementary school art, which notes written in tiny hands telling me in so many ways, ‘I love you, mommy!’ (Turns out I really needed to see those as I navigate teenager times.) Unbelievable memories. Now they’re categorized, labeled, filed in large ziplocks to keep safe, and just compact enough to travel around with me. 

Here’s the big shocker:

It came with true PHYSICAL releases and purges all along the way, because everything in our reality is so connected. So when I picked up a photo and it made me suddenly start to cry, I let it. My gal was there encouraging me to release it all. I’d stop and tell her the story of why it caused tears. She would pause and acknowledge my pain. And then we’d move along. I got to hold myself and be held, and then place the things in the trash or the memory box, piece by piece. At one point I cried for a good 30 minutes. I had had zero idea that my body was holding that much emotion that was ready to flow out. “Better out than in” as my wise British friend tells us.

Then I went through this same exact process with all the other household THINGS. I picked each one up, looked at it, and asked myself: Do I want this in my future? Can I see it in my new home and life? Do I totally love it????? If the answer was anything short of a holy yes, then I thanked it and put it in a donation box. 

I haven’t regretted or missed a darned thing yet.

4. It’s better to give than to receive. 

A few years ago after my ex-husband moved out & took some of the furniture, one of my best friends moved and bequeathed me with an array of beautiful new things to fill the empty spaces. She gave freely, knowing it would bless me then, and that one day I could bless others in turn. This was her divine intention and what a beautiful plan that was. So now it’s my turn. I decided not to have a yard sale and I’ve gotten to gift many decent & even nice things to people & charitable organizations who will love them anew–and that has been an incredibly rich source of satisfaction & gratitude. 

5. Giving freely builds trust.

I believe that when we give freely, we’re showing the Divine we trust its Love for us so much and we know we have everything we need. I believe we’re showing trust that everything we need will always be provided. I’ve always had everything I need and more and so this trust has become normal. If I need to replace something, I will be able to easily–or it just may just drop into my reality somehow magically, because that’s what has already been happening and I know it to be the truth of how we are loved.

So I’ll finish by asking: when was the last time you dedicated some time to a purge? Maybe it’s been a few years? Maybe since New Year’s? Are you feeling it? Then, do it. And intend a spiritual liberation along with it.

Open your heart to help if you need it. Ask for it and pay for it if that’s appropriate. Invite friends to assist if that’s appropriate. Call people to pick up your donations or junk. Be creative. Donate to local libraries or art centers or bike shops, etc. My organizer helped me with a plan and cadence, and that was really really important to keep feeling the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I found someone who takes old metal. She’s a military wife and she sells the metal, then uses the money to send care packages to troops. Isn’t that amazing? And I found a place that turns wedding dresses into teeny tiny outfits as keepsakes for families who have lost babies. Get creative and generous and you will be mightily blessed.

And…if this is of interest to you and you want to talk more, this subject is the topic of my next Monday Evening Coffee Talk on July 17. That’s a space where we gather in open dialogue with each other and the Divine, and so this Monday will be about things like: the Urge to Purge, space clearing and the heart, energetics of space clearing, and more. Bring your open heart and a nice beverage and what you have to say, & sign up here to get the Zoom link free: Join Monday Calls Here

Namaste, beloved. And I really mean it because I’m seeing you with a whole new set of very fresh and clear eyes after all of this purge. It was so worth it.


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