Besides Love, and being surrounded by people I love and who love me right back....#Freedom is my most prized possession. That's because I've worked for 5 decades to attain it. And I am not about to give it away.

In our world, our political scene, our democracy, our schools, our institutions, #Freedom is being questioned in myriad ways, from all sides. It's fascinating. The debate about #Freedom of Speech is particularly significant to me. It's something our nation was founded on, and yet we find people attempting to censor, change syntax and meaning of words, shame people for using lots of different words that are no longer considered politically correct by some, and more. I have my opinions on all of this but mostly I am watching from a giraffe's eye view because I think people are shaking a whole lot of old dead beliefs off of a whole lot of trees and I pray that we come into vastly more non-judgment than before. It takes time to work out deep issues, especially when they are tied to so many emotions.

But this post is about the travails of the journey to emotional freedom on the INside.

No matter what the politicians are saying or doing, no matter what your lunatic family says or does about you, matter whether the world seems like it's off its rocker....how do you find true and lasting inner peace? Well darling, that's what my work is all about.

Inner freedom has been my quest since my late 30s when I began experiencing more and more severe anxiety and even depression. I have sought programs and books, podcasts, prescriptions, friends, therapists, healers, modalities, practices, new places to live, new people in my life, divorce, healing, meditation, yoga, exercise, and so much more--all on a quest to become free of anxiety and other terrible feelings I have always had inside of me.

It turns out I had a vast, deep cache of trauma and horrific memories stored in my body that used to account for most of these very difficult feelings and emotions. 

I have worked through the worst part of childhood trauma and found the most freedom through that work. It took an immense amount of courage to go there, into my past, and see what I needed to see. But as we know, those who do not examine the past are condemned to repeat it.

But what I began to find most life-altering, and life-saving of all was most unexpected. It sounds silly even to write this at this point, but literally the only thing that truly brought me out of deep despair, anxiety, and depression, was the loving support I had and the newfound ability to connect deeply and inseparably with....the Divine. Love. God. The Universe. My Angels. And my Earth Angels.

What saved me, ultimately, has 4 simple letters. L O V E.

It's true. 

And it was a whole hell of a lot of work for someone like me who had a hell of a lot of trauma, pain, terrible memories, and fear lodged deep in every memory vault in my body.

But for the most severe kind of pain, anxiety, depression, and trauma, I've come to know that there is one, and only one, true medicine: Love. The love that brought us here, and the love that sustains us until we leave this place. 

I spent years studying and reading about love and healing before the real etherial love connection began to spark for me. It took like a decade I'd say. I read lots of books and one that comes to mind on this topic is Marianne Williamson's "A Return to Love." I dug more deeply in to my beloved church routine, I found and began teaching Reiki, I found Earth Angels to talk and work with, I took many classes, I began to meditate hard-core. And still for me it took time.

Some things are worth the wait. Some are better with age. Some require patience, even suffering, and understanding, because through that process....well, that's how pearls grow.

And finally, I found the light. I found new ways of being in my own skin, and entirely new belief patterns that made me want to live and breathe instead of sedate and escape. I found the people who surround me and I pray I surround them equally well. And I found my way back to G-O-D. Mother/Father God. The Divine Creator/Creatrix. The deepest Love of all.

And it turns out that for me....well, that's where true freedom is. True freedom has come through the expression of my own true light and gifts, my own uniqueness, AND my reunion within myself. My mind-body-spirit connection. It keeps deepening and getting so much better. It keeps helping me heal old wounds and addictions, physical and emotional. It keeps me thirsting for more. And more than anything, it's my reason to live now, which I'm realistic in admitting was not always there.

Inner Freedom is that place where we are One with the Universe, where our desires burn wildly, where we meet ourselves in our truest state, and from which we spontaneously co-create these masterpieces that are our uniquely individual lives.

It happens in the heart, in the soul, in relationship, and in the union we carve out of the finest pure white marble light with the Divine, who loves us so very, very much.

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