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Are You Ready to Be the Healer You Came Here to Be?

Do you know you came here to assist others to heal?

Do you have magical experiences with others, with animals, with Spirit?

Are you on a quest to step into your gifts at last and know what it means for you and others?

Then it's probably time to step in, step up, say yes to a new way to being, navigating, serving, living, working.

Let's talk to see if my Six-Month intensive healers academy-- Wings of Isis Soul Activation Programme--is the right fit for you. 

It's a deep dive programme with sequential attunements, light code activations, clearing, practicing, understanding...and stepping into your sovereingty and freedom on a whole new level with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and your own personal guides and dakini.

We delve into the realm of the Sacred Feminine, the Sacred Masculine, the Akashic Records, and your levels of energy.

Ignite your inner flame. Say yes to your destiny as a lightworker, a light bringer. And most of all, say yes to being in alignment with your soul, as Source, as an angelic being on this planet at this miraculous and crazy time.

Arrange a free 15-minute Discovery Call to talk about what you're seeking and how I can assist you.

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