How do you follow your destiny? It seems like such a big and important thing, doesn't It? And then it seems so scary and impossible because, well, what IS it? 

YOUR destiny is something only you can truly know and experience. This I know for sure. Others may give rise to certain feelings or visuals of it for you, as we each help each other see ourselves through reflections back and forth of the way things are and the way we want things to be... and also, the way things are not.

But your destiny is like your fingerprint. Only you can really know it. Nobody else can. And that is because, darling, you are completely, fully, unconditionally, 100% free. And with this freedom comes every choice that you make throughout every single moment of every single day. Even when you are in prison -- or when you feel you are in a prison of your own making--you are choosing. Always, you are choosing. You are choosing to be here. You are choosing to be there. You are choosing to breathe. You are choosing to express. You are choosing to hold back. You are choosing. Always. In all ways.

So with respect to your Destiny, what does this mean? It means YOU are in charge. YOU are the driver. And the best--absolutely THE BEST thing to do is to say, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing....that right here, right now, whatever you find yourself doing--it IS your destiny. For how could it not be? You are here breathing, right? So isn't this what you came here for? And isn't that your destiny?

And if you don't particularly like where you find yourself? Well...don't you have a choice? And Isn't it an infinite, blessed choice? 

For many, many years, I felt and believed that my life was not okay and that I was trapped. Trapped in a marriage I didn't want, trapped in a job I didn't want, trapped in my own head and anxiety. 

But as I have broken free, I have realized that it was choice that got me into every single one of those pickles. And it is always choice that gets me out. No matter what or who is involved. I'm always the one who can choose a new destiny, every single day.

It may not be EASY, and it may take a whole lot of time and figuring out...but I know now that this choice has always been the case. 

So ponder this:

If, right here, right now, beloved, you ARE a living testament to your own blessed destiny, then what do you want?

What are you waiting for? 

Go and do that. Go and be that. Go and accomplish that.

THAT is your destiny. Always. And forever more. It is yours to choose and to create. Always. And forever more.

Amen, and so it is.

--Suzanne & Co.

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