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Healing Childhood Trauma with the Love of Spirit

We humans have zillions of experiences throughout our lives. This I know. I just didn't always look at them as *experiences*. We have limitless choice, we have ups and downs, and we always have opportunities for refinement, do-overs, and sometimes, healing.

One of the experiences I have come to deeply understand through personal experience and working with others is the affect of childhood trauma on our adult Selves. Indeed it can be any generalized trauma, but trauma experienced in childhood has lifelong impact on things that sometimes we don't even realize for years or decades, until we have the opportunity to see within ourselves.

When a child experiences trauma such as physical abuse, neglect, incest or rape, abandonment, etc., one of the coping mechanisms is to compartmentalize and literally cut herself off from the traumatic actions, people, situations and experiences. It is one of our most powerful survival tactics. Children are magnificent and powerful in this way when they need to be and thank goodness. This strength allows the developing person to go on living, making the best of what are sometimes terrible and painful situations, and at least get by. And often one's biggest strengths are developed as a result as well.

But this disassociation can have a profound impact on the child's life as he or she grows up. The traumatized, alone, afraid aspect of the child often remains emotionally and spiritually 'stranded' in that dark place. He or she attempts to grow, and does the best he or she can--often with phenomenal success--but often with a nagging empty hole, darkness, or trigger where this pain lives. Energetically, I see this as a fragmented aspect of the inner child that never gets to be part of the whole until integration happens.

This can heal. I have seen and experienced it many times. There are never guarantees--but the possibilities for healing are as real as one taking responsibility AND conscious action--with help. As one learns new skills of looking within, and becomes brave and adventurous enough to dive into underlying causes of things like anxiety, failed relationships, lack of intimacy, anger, shame, etc., a person can unravel the story and emerge in miraculous ways. Negative effects of trauma are often profound, but great peace can be attained through a systematic deep dive into oneself. 

If you have experienced trauma and also experience a consistent sense of loss, anxiety, remaining stuck, etc., and if you know there is more to it all, including an ability to deeply connect to your spiritual Self, then reach out for assistance. I am happy to share with you a free 15-minute call to connect with you and help us both understand if my work, teaching, and program is a good fit for your healing and evolution as wonderful, peaceful, activated YOU.

Book a Complementary Discovery call today to discuss your healing journey and know if we are a good match.


Disclaimer: I am NOT a therapist and do not claim any therapeutic expertise related to professional therapy in any way. I am an ordained minister, and I offer a unique framework and lens to provide healing through energetic and personal observation, in conjunction with Spirit. These methods are not yet proven scientifically and I make no claims. I offer assistance to those open to considering a different framework of reference and understanding and a deeply nurturing integration process. You alone are always responsible for your own health and healing. I offer assistance along the way. I would love to connect if this resonates.

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