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Sometimes, Angel Wings are Hard to See Through

One of the biggest causes of emotional distress that I see in my clients is this overwhelming sense of needing to change the world. 

Sound familiar?

I was there. In fact, I used to always have that sense--so much so, that in high school, the ONLY thing I wanted to do was join the Peace Corps--because the world needed me and I was here to rescue it.

I did join the Peace Corps. I spent 2 years learning about myself and people in beloved Poland, just shortly after it became open to the West, back in 1991. It was a fascinating time. (And yes, I speak mediocre Polish and I know how to make delicious borscht, so there's that!)

But I've come to see that the urges, promptings, and need to get out there and change the world are the same ones that drove me to try to change other people, because, well, wouldn't they want that? And that caused me sooooo much pain.

I spent a good many years in the construct of co-dependency, believing that I needed to convince other people in my life how to be.

But were they asking me to do that? 

Did they even want my help?

It took a whole lot of things to unravel this mystique. And what I see is that we have these big angel hearts, & mean well, but imagine your angel wings wrapped all the way around your eyes, obscuring your clear vision, making you think that everyone must want to see the world through this lens.

It's just not true--more often than not.

So, now that I work with amazing souls awakening to their true angelic nature, one of the common misperceptions we often bust through is that these big beautiful wings are here for everyone else. 

That's just not so.

The truth is, not everyone else is ready for angel wings. And that's got to be OK with you, angel. OK?

Another truth is that not everyone else is here to live the way you are. They just aren't. Maybe they don't want to. Maybe they have other soul callings and reasons. Maybe they are stuck in karmic loops and maybe even that is purposeful. There are so many reasons why others just can't get you. And that's GOT to be ok, if you want to be your happy angelic free self here.

So here's a question:

What's your version of wanting to save the world? Dig into that. I did, and it led to a certain freedom. 

Maybe you're trying desperately to change a spouse, or even a child, and if that's the case, my heart is with you. Those close relationships are toughest. Maybe you feel this burning desire to get out there and do something big. To that, I say hell yes, go for it. But take note: What are your motives? What's your WHY? Get clear. 

You get to choose. I believe the truth is that you have far more choice in the matter than many even heart-centered spiritual leaders and coaches might have you believing. You're in the driver's seat in this lifetime. It can go any way you want. Which way do you want it to go? 

What is your deepest desire? Awesome. Choose that. 

And if you seek guidance from your angelic team to help you discern the choices you're wanting to make and the direction that feels right for you, do reach out. I provide angelic assistance, Akashic energy clearings and powerful light code activations that help my clients deepen in their true selves, their true natures, & the callings that come from their own open hearts. THIS is what sovereignty is, to me. And I would be honored to be part of your journey if that is what you seek.

Arrange a free call or an appointment & let's open you to your new light. It's waiting for you to unlock your heart to it, angel. This I know.


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