My Guides are pointing me to a new visual this morning and I'm so happy I have the wherewithal to capture it into some formation of words that can help to bring you the magnanimity of it.

They're showing me the relevance of actually looking at the entire Universe as a macrocosm of how technical and universal-law driven the Earth plan is and what if the earth plane is just one tiny cell in the whole unimaginably big huge Body of God that is the ELOHIM?

Well so it is if you want to choose now to look at it in this way:

Ebb and flow.

Causality and Repercussion.

Cause and Effect.

In and Out.

Up and Down.

Black and White.

Inside and Outside.

Us and Them.

You and Me.

Inner We and Outer We.

And the list goes on. Literally ad infinitum.

One of the problems you have on earth is that you experience the breadth of these polarizations almost non-stop and so you often have very little framework at all of anything OTHER than the total polarizaion. Except in extreme and extraridnary moments where you are experiencing the union of it all and that comes into the inner still point of reality and context and that feels better and you are in the eye of the One. Union. Sanctity. Awareness of no separation. But it's all just a cosmic rule of the universe that all of the polarizations unite and ebb even as the heart takes one solid breath after another.

And so you yearn and you seek and you try to fix things and you like to try new band names on and see if they fit or if they are right or if they are the reason you haven't gotten yourselves out of the mix of complications yet because you haven't hit the field of expression of exactly what it IS and you actually want to konw what it IS more than you want to feel the more pleasurable sensation of the deepest inner connection of oneness that there is available to you at this time when it is happening.

And so we say to you this. If you'll indulge yourselves of something of an experience with us.

Take upon your journey the use of this prayer for a while, won't you?

Utilize it for the next 21 days and see what changes come your way as you magnetize the energy of Wholeness in God's heart so that it can meld the codex and energies of this God-Oneness into your own heart.

This is ancient but pre-determined light code technology that you will be applying to your life in such a way that it is you choosing divine inner connection through inner confirmation and communion with a set of law-following words that give permission or the benevolent universe to stretch around other spiritually-lower bypasses and just let the pure-state Godness take form in your energy field.

Won't you do it for yourselves and once and see what happens? I'd love to meet you in that field together and tidy up some other consctructions of myths of old if you will so we'll meet you there and show you a thing or two and get you going on a new super-highway of Love enchantment that is bar-none epically alinging you with your true soul's divine blueprint just the way you wanted it to be when you set about a plan of evolvement and illumination  and trial and error and play and work many many seascapes ago.

So let us meet there at-the-ready when you are ready and we will show you a thing or to and have a laugh about the illusions that are happily falling away.

This is your team of Metatron and the Angels of the Atlantean Order, of the Archangels of Atlantis as you know us, and the Ascended Feminine Masters who are partaking in your awakening with you of the Goddess Supreme.

We wish you interstellar blessings and cosmic light so bright it...well...occasionally knocks your socks off with new and diaphanous understandings. 

We love you so very much and we trust you know this now enough to pursue a new way.

Be well and prosper and carry on and all those things.

Your Beloveds in the High Realms.

The Angels of Atlantis you may call upon us at any time.

--Metatron Approved.

February 10 2024 from Bonita Springs, Florida and 10894728610

On the first moment of the official start of the year of the Dragon 2024.

If you want to know more about what the Chinese Year of the Dragon means in terms of potentiality for your life's path based on your chart, find the cycle in which your birth falls and the animal under which you fall and this will be where you can focus your intentions to be supported by this Year of the Dragon energy. In essensce makes it easier to do things under those categories in flow and harmony if you will allow that.

Here's one mapping site to play with this: Hindustan Times Compilation of Chinese New Year Dates


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