Saved By Love: My Journey

In the midst of the Covid pandemic and the proceedings of divorce from my husband of 20 years, I began to surface memories that had been locked away since my childhood. They were memories of sexual abuse, trauma, and grooming. And you know what? Love is what saved me. I thank God every day that I was loved through this, for I don't know that I could have survived otherwise. And I never could have done it alone. Now, as part of my work as an intuitive and healer, I assist other women and men who are learning to liberate their hearts and minds from similar traumas. It's possible. It's liberating. It's freedom. And I know of no other, greater tribute to our little inner children, our adult selves, and to the children of this world, then to become clear of traumatic memories. Join me on today's podcast, and call in live if you'd like.