Finding Your Playground. Living Your Passion.

Are you an entrepreneurial seeker? Looking for your next 'thing'? Want a more fun way to do that? Want to do it WITH spirit? If you're like me, you may be somewhat uneasy talking about your Soul purpose. And yet, it's what you so dearly want, right? I believe we are here for so many beautiful and varied reasons, and trying to pinpoint just one....well, that's a lot of pressure. And yet, we crave just that. We want to find our 'thing.' The best way to make money. The best way to create change. The best way to share our own story. We want to know how to do it, and what it is, so we can get on with living it. What if you are able to think of the whole experience as a playground? Your life experience? Your next chapter? The next job or hobby you pursue? And, what if you ALLOW spirit to guide you? Intuition? Divine Love? Does that lighten your load? On today's podcast, I'll be talking about just this. And, as an intuitive freedom coach, I'll take live callers! I want to help propel you to your next amazingness. Your next gig. What if we can help you find some direction today, for what lies ahead? Your next business adventure? Your next project in this thing called Life? Join me: 3pm MT / 5pm ET Live Freedom Readings! Need some intuitive guidance? It's available! Live on Facebook @TransformationTalkNetwork Call in with your questions at 800-930-2819