Freedom: Is It a State of Being? with Dr. Pat Baccili

Where in your life are you really, really free? Or otherwise? Especially as we are coming out of Covid Quarantine which imposed severe restrictions on us -- how has the world changed in terms of you feeling or knowing that you are actually free--or not? Join Dr. Pat as she talks with Suzanne Alexandria, Angelic Transformation Freedom Guide for leaders entrepreneurs.Suzanne works with energy her angelic guides to help professionals get un-stuck so they lead in business life from their highest wisdom and calling. She teaches expert ways to shift energy out of the way and clear even life-long patterns quickly and easily. It s her passion and calling to help others see where they have old chains keeping them from not being all they can be--and to find sacred freedom and divine connection.In this episode, Suzanne will be offering live Freedom Readings with her angel team to assist callers to understand an area where they can be released from old limiting patterns.