What do Singing Bowls and Jungian Psychotherapy Have in Common?

In this episode, I'll dive deep into new practices with magical singing bowls as we discuss how Jungian Analyst Jennifer Embry uses vibrational sound as a powerful tool in therapy sessions with her clients. Jennifer is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst in private practice in Houston, Texas, and she works in the intersecting spaces of body and psyche dreams, astrology, film, theater, nature, music and sound. She delights in making room for the intersection of play, inquiry and intuitive knowing to manifest, and is a lifelong student of the alchemical experiment of being human. Tune in to understand how sound therapy works for classic therapy patients, and receive a singing bowl energy experience to help you expand within your own energy field during this show. Tune in live at www.TransformationTalkRadio.com and on Facebook @TransformationTalkRadio at 3pm MT / 5pm Eastern.