The Becoming: From Therapist to Healer with Dr. Kari Taylor Evans

Suzanne interviews Dr. Kari Taylor Evans, psychologist who has worked in deep transformative trauma healing with absolutely incredible results for over 20 years. Dr. Kari is a licensed professional, unique in her high rate of successful outcomes through weaving deep soul healing into her work which is creating ripples in her field only now beginning to be seen, felt, and received. We discuss Dr. Kari's unique journey and about how other therapists, who know they are innately healers, are stepping into their own becoming fully intuitive in their field. Listen to what happens when we allow ourselves to awaken to much deeper gifts than we could even imagine. Trust us. It's magic. Feel the call? Listen in! We love to get live callers! Call in your questions at: 800-930-2819 Watch on Facebook Live: